21 Jul 2017

52 Years Old Woman Go Beat Her Sister-in-law


Tori carry am say one 52 years old woman wey dem dey call Bunmi Akinyemi  carry gbege go her brother wife house wey her name na Ireti Obembe go beat her anyhow the way the sister in-law no like at all on Thursday

The matter dey court like this so and Akinyemi wey dey stay Ayobo area for Lagos dey on trial for the assault matter.

The lawyer wey support the sister in law Raji Akeem kon tell the court say Bunmi commit the offence on June 21 for Power Line, Ajasa command for inside Lagos.

Akeem still talk say the pesin wey dem accuse beat the pesin the person wey dey complain the way she no like.

The lawyer kon explain further say Obembe tell her say the gbege start as argument between both of them before the matter turn to something wey she no understand.

Obembe  talk say she dey her shop when her sister in law come drag her come outside kon start to beat her. The claim for the beating na say the sister in law they vex because Obembe take hre husband wey happen to be the brother of Bunmi to court instead make them settle am as family.

Na the annoyance make Obembe vex go report the matter to the police wey make them arrest the person wey them accuse.

The magistrate, Mr T.O Shomade kon grant the person wey dem accuse bail for N10,000.

The course kon adjourn the case till July 31.


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