28 Jul 2017

23 years old man go kill person because of N150

Police don arrest one 23-years old man wey dem dey call Ibrahim Sulaimon for Ajuwon area for inside Ogun State, becaue dem talk say he go kill one okada man, Rafiu Gafar because of N150.

Tori carry am say two of them been dey argue over the money wey the suspect go carry plywood hit the okada man wey get one pikin many many times fir him head wey make am fall for ground kon later die when dem carry am go one private hospital.

One family member wey talk say make them  no call hin name talk say the okada wey die so, just marry o! he say the man comot from house that day go work say normally the man dey always dey work for that Ajuwon area and places around and he never ever go far pass that one before; but after that day wey he no gree come house, all of them kon comot for house go find am, say them use four days take find am but them no see am. Only for the police of Ajuwon division to come show them picture of hin dead body and also kon tell them say them hit hin head many many times wey make am die because of N150.

The policeman kon give them the full tori say when them reach the plaza, the man give the okada man N500 kon ask for change of N350, but Rafiu no get change so Sulaimon kon say make he go inside go bring change from hin wife, but because e don kon too dey tey, Rafiu kon start to talk say make them hurry say he get work to do; that one kon make two of them start to dey quarrel and the quarrel been tough, so Sulaimon vex carry plywood take hit Rafiu many many times for head wey make am die because of the too much pressure of the wood for hin head.

When them ask Sulaimon wetin happen he kon confess say he true true do am, say na the devil make am do am say he no know wetin dey do am wey make am hit am like that.

Rafiu senior brother, Samiu Gafar cry kon talk say the victim na easy going person say he no get person time and he no dey find trouble, say everybody like am . He continue say wetin dey pain am so na say he no know how he wan take tell their mama and hin widow wife and pikin wey he die leave, say na only God go fit console them.

Them don transfer Sulaimon case go the Homocide Section of the state Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for Eleweran for inside Abeokuta.

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