31 Jul 2017

Ewe!!! one man just die because he wan make hin “machine gun” big for Obodo oyibo

One man for Obodo oyibo don die because he dey try to increase hin “machine gun” because say people dey laugh am say wetin he carry too small for am. The man die for inside one private clinic wey dem take dey do plastic surgery for Stockholm for inside Sweden.

Them been talk say the surgery so suppose dey safe o say nothing bad suppose happen because many people don do am before and them no die for inside. Tori now don carry am say na the frist time wey person dey die for inside this kind matter so.

As dem dey do the surgery small mistake kon happen, the fat wey suppose go the “machine gun” so that e go fit big kon go use mistake to enter hin lungs before them know wetin ey happen, the man don enter wetin oyibo dey call Cadiac arrest meaning say the man no fit breath again; immediately them kon give am CPR but as e kon be, nothing happen  and after small time the man kon die.

According to the doctor hin talk say this na the first time wey surgery wey simple and safe way wey dem take dey enlarge penis by autologous fat transfer fit kill person wey no sick o, wey dey healthy.

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