03 Aug 2017

Abayomi don talk say hin never see badoo people before and dem no dey use hin shrine


On Tuesday August 1 Lagos State police Command talk say them don see where the Badoo cult group Shrine dey but the owner of the shrine, Alaka Abayomi, talk say na lie say he never see this Badoo peope before talk more of say use hin shrine.

The 51-years-old man wey dey do business by himself talk say two weeks aago police invite am to station say them wan ask am some kind question so he kon go the station go hear wetin police wan tell am. When he reach there, police kon ask am whether he know anything about this badoo people but he talk say he never see them before say he no know them; but he tell them say he get one shrine for Agbowa town for inside Ikorodu; so them kon let am go.

On July 30, he shock when he see police men with arms, dress like say them wan go fight war just come hin house for Magodo come carry am go station but the police tell am say na the Deputy Commissioner of Police wan see am. When them, reach the cell, instead of them to carry go see the DCP, them just carry go straight to cell and them no even tell am wetin he do. The next day 31st of July them carry comot from the cell ay make he go show where hin shrine dey, so he kon carry them go with their convoy and some news people wey go with them. When the reach there them start to search but he no know wetin dem dey find; but when them finish them kon carry go back the station ask am questions o till on the 1st of August wey them kon take later realease am.

Abayomi lawyer don talk say the man na legitimate business man and he no get any business with them badoo people say make people no look the man with that eye. As we dey talk now Lagos State Police never talk anything concerning the matter.










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