09 Aug 2017

Na Bobrisky again o!!!!

Oga Bobrisky don talk say when Hin come Naija, he say na four soldiers and two presidential bouncers go pick am from airport because of hin haters for Naija here.

No  be news again say hin dey America right now and hin don dey there for some time now but Tori don carry am say hin say hin wan enlarge hin hibs, say hin no pay the person wey dey do hin hair, now hin don put picture of himself for bathroom on-top social media.

He still the talk the tori of how hin take grow from grass to grace, he kon talk say he no go dey snap picture wuth her fans fro public again, so na why hin go get the bouncers and the soldiers  when him come Naija.

Well we dey wait…. See pictures for down:

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