10 Aug 2017

Na wa o!! police don arrest woman wey dey give her daughter to old men to abuse her for money

Police don arrest one Mrs Udoka together with 3 men wey she dey allow abuse her 12-year-old daughter for Calabar , Cross River state.

Tori even carry am say the five children wey she get na for five different men; and e kon bad say she dey collect money from different men make dem dey abuse her 12-years-old daughter.

Some kind people for the area kon talk say recently she send her pikin make she go meet one retired 78-year-old soldier,wey dem dey call Effiom Okon make hin touch her for N15,000. Them still talk say na so she dey do the pikin since, say she even allow four other men touch the pikin and anytime the girl dey go hawk she go tell am say make she no forget to go meet the old soldier and all the people wey dey do that kind badness to the pikin.

Right now the woman and some kind other people wey involve for the matter dey prison now and dem say the pikin papa no gree go see her for prison because hin say the woman na bad person. But more investigation still dey go on on-top the matter.

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