11 Aug 2017

Clark Don Kon Warn Makarfi Say Make Hin No Use Pass Three Month For Office

Tori carry am say  chief Edwin clark wey be ijaw leader don call the caretaker committee, Senator Ahmed Makarfi dey lead say make hin no use the office pass  three month say make the committee go do another national convention on to the matter of expiration wey  go help dem choose another new members of national working committee, and National Executive Committee.

Clark even ask say make PDP too adopt part of the recommendation of the committee wey Senator Ike Ekweremadu dey lead make dem ensure say the presidential candidate for the party for 2019 election come from the north, make the one for national chairmanship post kon come from the south.

Tori follow talk say ,Clark really warn PDP say make dem no allow governor hijack delegates ,say make dem do direct primary elction for the ward, local government and state levels so that e go make delegate dem vote directly wey any influence or intimidation from governor no go dey

Clark talk say shey people remember say hin dey part of the elders and senior members for PDP dem , say the party wey dey incharge of power wen democracy come for 1999 to 2015, hin kon talk say wen hin dey the party as one of the  member say hin pay all hin dues until hin kon retire from partisan politics in 2015. Hin follow talk say even though hin don retire hin still remain a stateman and a stakeholder in the Nigeria project and hin don dey contribute to the peace and the development of the country since that time till now; and na the reason why hin go fit advice on any subject wey concern the betterment of we country.


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