11 Aug 2017

See The Drug Wey Dey Turn Human Being To Animal

Una don hear about the new drug wey dem dey call flakka for obodo oyibo ,dem talk say the drug ,after wey people don use am e go turn dem to mad person or e go make dem dey do like animal so tey the people wey use am fit dey grab human chop anyhow.

Tori obodo oyibo even talk say this flakka be like cocaine, say the drug white and dem package am for one white small plastic wey people fit swallow , the drug too dey for powder wey dem fit just put for noise. People wey don use am for obodo oyibo just dey kill, dey chop there follow human being. One 19 year old boy even chop him papa like say lion chop human being after hin don use the drug .

Doctor for obodo oyibo talk say the drug bad so tey e no dey comot from body quick and e even dey kill sef. Make we for obodo Nigeria dey inform o make we no go try am


If you no get mind, make you no watch this video o:


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