14 Aug 2017

Ahh Thank God O Church Service Don Start Again For The Church Wey Dem Kill Some Poeple

Una remember that church wey some kind people enter to go kill church member as dem do do service? St. Philips Catholic, Ozubulu don start their normal service again o  after wey dem bin close the church before because of the matter wey happen; wey gunmen dem  shoot some of the church members  when dem dey do morning mass.

Tori talk say  state government official wey  Solo Chukwulobelu (state government secretary) lead and the  person wey the gunmen find come Aloysius Ikegwonu wey dem dey call Bishop sef dey the service that morning wey the matter happen. The parish priest wey hin name  na Rev.Fr.Jude onwuaso kon dey encourage the members say make them no fear at all at all o ,say papa God dey for Hin throne; even one of the people wey dey worship for the church talk say hin force himself to go church service that morning but hin know say every Christian must pass through persecution to enter heaven.

Tori follow talk say police people don arrest suspect wey get something to do with the matter



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