14 Aug 2017

Building Collapse Kill People For Imo State

Tori carry am say ,them rescue some kind people from one building wey collapse for Egbu road for Imo state, say 4 people die for the place on Sunday morning around 3am.

Tori follow talk say wen their governor reach  the place wey the thing happen, hin talk say make them destroy the  building wey dey beside the one wey collapse because e don already dey mark by OCDA before as building wey go soon collapse and say because  na the same person get am. Dem talk say the person wey build the house suppose build 2 storey but because say hin dey greedy ,na 3 storey hin take am build.

The governor wey be Rochas  Okorocha kon warn every body wey dey live for the state say make them stop to dey use anyhow material and people wey no sabi anything  on top how dem dey build house ,to dey  build house for them again; Hin talk say when  hin reach the place wey the thing happen say ,small small pikin they inside the people wey the building collapse on top ,Hin talk say some of them dey hospital dey receive treatment while some people don die already, hin talk say government go  take necessary  action on top the matter. make God save us form all this landlords hand o



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