14 Aug 2017

Make Una They Cereful Lassa Fever Don Come Back o

Una remember Lassa Fever?

First time wey this fever come Nigeria na 2012, we see am for WHO (World Health Organization) website say for March 2012 dem record 623 cases for Nigeria. From these cases wey dem record, dem talk say na 70 people die, and say na 19 states dey affected that time, from these people wey die, dem talk say even doctors and nurses dey. That one mean say, anybody fit get am… make una dey careful o!

Tori  carry am say Lassa Fever don come back to obodo Naija as dem don record cases of people wey don get am for we country

As we hear am, dem rush one pregnant woman  wey blood dey komot from her body go LUTH, as doctors dem check the woman dem confirm say the woman get Lassa fever and we hear say she die after 3 days , dem talk say she be the first person  wey  lassa virus go kill for Luth. Dey even talk say some people wey dey work for the hospital don get the thing too after dem treat the woman.

Tori follow carry am say one patient for Luth wey be sickle cell anaemia wey hin name na Mr. O too die within 24 hour after dem  talk say hin don go visit one village like that before they kon carry am go Luth, as dem test the man, hin self don get lassa fever, na so e take die.

Na hin case be the second case for people wey lassa don kill for Luth.

Dem talk say 5 people don dey infected already and 2 people don die. Federal  Ministry of health don dey work on top the matter and dem don dey do everything wey dey need to do, to stop the matter for we country.

Dem kon talk say make everybody dey  ready to fight am with dem; say make everybody make sure say them talk their health matter very well.

If you no sabi wetin Lassa Fever be, oya, sharp sharp click here make we give you informat.


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