15 Aug 2017

Na Small E Remain Charly Boy For Die

Things don dey serious o !. una stil remember say Charlse Oputa wey them dey call Charly Boy still dey on top the ReturnorResign matter.
Tori talk say them nearly burn am for Abuja when the people wey they against the protest start to dey pursue all of them wey go Wuse market for Abuja go protest; them talk say na God just save Charly Boy oo as police people take over the matter and they kom throw tear-gas to scatter the people
One man even talk say him dey infront of him shop when him see Charly Boy dey run for him life make the people wey won kill am no see; the man say na Charly Boy Cause Am say Him for no do the protest for Abuja wey dem Northern people dey plenty.
Tori follow talk say the police people carry Charly Boy go hide sharp sharp comot for the place

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