15 Aug 2017

The Guy Wey Just Finish Hin NYSC Die After The Matter Of The Building Wey Collaps For Owerri Happen

Una remember that building wey collapse for owerri imo state? Tori carry am say two people wey just finish  their NYSC  dey trap for inside the building wey collapse and them they part of the people wey them rescue but two days after ,one of the two people wey just finish their NYSC kon die. The guy  name na chinedu Isiogugu.

Tori talk say dem carry am go do surgery for hin leg wey spoil and the surgery dey successful but  as hin  get cardial arrest ,na the thing kon kill am ; them talk say the guy na from Anambra and na 26 years old hin be, young boy like that.

Tori follow talk say  the people wey the building injure still dey collect treatment for hospital and the second girl wey her name na Ngozi Blessing talk say she dey for pain o ; say her legs dey pain am seriously , she com cry say make papa God help and save am.




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