16 Aug 2017

See The Girl Poison Her Oga Mother-in-law

One maid wey be 24 year old  for Singapore for obodo oyinbo put poison for wetin  her oga mother- in- law won drink.

the woman talk say she bin cover  the drink on top table for kitchen to go feed her grand pikin wey still   small food,  as she put the drink for mouth say make she drink am na so she spit am out sharp sharp say  e be like say poison don dey inside the drink.

tori talk say  court don sentence the girl wey her name be  Thet Wai to go spend 5 month  for prison ; the woman wey she poison na 65 years old and her name na Toh Sew Keok , when the woman ask the girl whether she put anything for the drink she lie  say she no put anything, them kom know the koko of the matter when the girl oga come back from where hin go as him go check the CCTV wey dem get for house, na that time the girl kom dey confess say na true say she put detol for the woman drink say she don tire to dey work for the house ,say she no won work for the house again.  That one na after dem don see am for the CCTV wey dey the house

The girl  talk say she don tire for the woman wahala;say she know say if she poison the woman, them go send her comot for the house as she don dey find how to escape since. She kom beg for court say make dem please show her mercy , nah in make court send her go prison for 5 month but her crime suppose be 10 years  according to wetin the court talk.


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