17 Aug 2017

Dem Cut One 4 Years Old Pikin Throat For Iwaya Lagos

Tori carry am say dem cut one  4 year old pikin throat for  Iwaya Lagos, dey  kom throw her body put for her parent window wey even dey very close to one  Ogun shrine.

The girl parents talk say she go mosque for 1 o’clock prayer and she no come back , and na since that time  dem don dey find  her before they kom see her body

Tori talk say police commissioner for Lagos State wey be Fatai Owoseni don talk say make them go arrest 10 people wey get something to do with the matter; say dem find the dead body with knife wey they take do the bad thing; police commissioner talk say 10 people wey dem arrest and even the pikin parents dey for their station, him talk say police people don dey the area wey the bad thing happen to monitor how things dey go.

Him kom talk say make everybody wey dey this country no hide any tori wey be about those people wey dey do bad things, they do ritual, say because if you they cover bad things ,one day one day bad thing go kom back kom meet you.  Him follow talk say make people help give  police people tori wey go help them take solve the matter.

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