17 Aug 2017

Lassa Don Dey Go Small Small O

Tori carry am say dem don discharge one of the patient wey dem bin dey treat for Lassa fever from LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) on Sunday.

The chairman wey dey in charge of the hospital for Medical Advisory Committee Olufemi Fasanmade talk say 2 of the patients don dey well small small and say dem go soon talk say make dem dey go house; him talk say if dem don discharge the people wey dey the hospital say no body go fit get the fever again ; him talk say  no body among the people wey touch the pregnant woman wey die on top lassa fever don show any sign say dem get am since wey the thing don dey happen

He follow talk say , lassa fever (you fit click here if you no sabi wetin lassa fever be) just be like malaria fever wey dey show every year , say the fever go still dey come every year but their own work na to make sure say the way people take dey die on top the fever reduce well well


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