17 Aug 2017

One Man Wey Die After Him Take 150 Drug For Purging

One 27-year-old man for obodo oyibo Manchester don go take 150 drugs for purging all for one day, him die for one hospital for obodo oyibo there after him get four heart attack
Tori talk say, the man wey him name na Aaron McCaffrey don too dey take the drug every time, say him don dey use to the drug; dem talk say the drug name na MORPHINE, say him take the drug to cure the headache wey him get and even say the man get the drug plenty for house; Tori talk say na inside one supermarket toilet dem take find am for ground where him collapse, say him don get two pikin
Him partner for work wey be one Miss Harvey talk say when dem carry am go hospital say the doctors dem no sabi treat am, say dem call another hospital wey dey obodo oyibo to ask how dey go take treat am; the woman talk say the matter fear dem; say the matter shock everybody;
One Rachel Galloway wey be the assistant coroner for South Manchester for obodo oyibo give recomemdation make that kind thing no happen again for future; the person wey die partner don kom start to dey tell people the dangers wey dey inside make person dey use over dose of drugs


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