21 Aug 2017

3- year- old pikin Wey Doctor Say She No Go Reach 5 years old

Tori carry am say one 3- years-old  pikin for obodo oyibo wey her name be Penny Powell get abnormal kidney, chronic lung disease and two holes for her heart after dem born am as 10 weeks premature for December 8, 2013.

Dem talk say the doctor wey dey treat her say she no go fit live long because she no fit breath by herself and say she go need another another kidney; tori talk say after her family go do test to see who go fit donate kidney for the small pikin, na only her grandfather wey be 64 years old wey him name na John  fit  donate kidney wey go work for her.

The grandfather talk say him go do anything wey go make the pikin live say the pikin don suffer too much; say even if na to sell him property say him go sell everything to save the pikin life; say him really want make the pikin well quick quick.

The grandfather get good heart sha



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