21 Aug 2017

Oga Presido Message For Naija

Tori carry am say we oga presido this morning thank  God and all Nigerian say him come back to we country safely.

Him thank everybody wey dey  pray for am  when him dey obodo oyibo; him kon talk say all those people wey dey talk for social media say make Nigeria separate, say all those coomment don pass we national red lines. Oga presido talk say all Nigerian get the right to stay for anywhere wey dey wan stay for we country because say Nigerians na one

Tori talk say, oga presido say federal government no go allow anybody cause problem finish kom run leave wetin dey don cause for some people to dey solve am; say make security agents no allow those wey dey campaign say make we separation succeed with dem plans and say Nigerian security agents go from today increase  fight against Boko Haram, Kidnappings, Ethnicity Violence, Farmer Versus Herdsmen fightings and the rest of dem

Him talk say, him go remain to dey committed so that we country go better and him promise  economic security and political evolution and integration.

Oga presido happy say him don come back home



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