22 Aug 2017

One Man For Obodo South Africa Talk Say Hin Don Tire To Dey Eat Human Being Part

Tori carry am say one man for obodo south Africa go report hin self for police sation say hin don tire to dey chop human being flesh
Tori talk say as police people ask am question on top wetin hin talk, hin kom even give them human being leg and hand; the police people follow am go the house wey dem dey do the bad thing for KwaZulu-Natal for obodo south Africa and dem kom see say na plenty human being parts full there
Police people talk dem be four men wey dey do the bad thing together and two of dem na traditional healers and their age no pass 22 and 32 years old; dem arrest all of dem kom charge dem with murder and conspiracy to murder; dem still dey investigate the matter, police kom talk say make people wey dey find there relatives come meet dem say dem don set up team of people wey dey identify human body wey dem dey call forensic for obodo oyibo to help dem know which of the human part be their own as if fit be say the humam part wey dey there na from different victim

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