22 Aug 2017

See Wetin Actor Seun Ajayi Write About Hin Girlfriend


The popular Nollywood actor wey hin name na Seun Ajayi go soon wed hin  girlfriend wey her name be Damilola Oluwabiyi

See wetin hin write for hin IG handle

“In November of 2015! At a time when I wasn’t even searching, God sent me a gift! A sweet soul wrapped in a boisterous and fun-loving personality. With a smile that literally lights up the room. ‘Anike’ a prize to be cherished; I can’t wait to chase 10,000 with you by my side. I’m super stoked we are here… The ride of a lifetime starts

This one means say he meet hin girlfriend November 15, 2105 when hin no even dey search for life partner and papa God kom bless am with a very beautiful lady wey get fun-loving personality; say the girl get one kind smile wey always make every dey bright. Him talk say hin no fit wait to chase 10,000 with her by hin side

See their pre-wedding pictures for down


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