24 Aug 2017

72-Year-Old Grandmother For Obodo Oyibo Wey Marry 27-Year-Old Naija Guy

This kind love just dey amaze me! One 72 years old obodo oyibo woman wey her na Angela marry one 27 years old naija guy CJ Nwachukwu after 3 month wey dey meet for facebook, when she come obodo naija na the first time wey dem see their self

Tori talk say the woman wey be grandmother for 6 children talk say CJ Nwachukwu na her soul mate and she don spend plenty money on top say make both of dem dey together for obodo oyibo  because obodo oyibo UK no won give the guy visa but CJ give her part of the money wey she spend back; the woman na retire taxi driver and she talk say CJ wey be her husband na very kind and caring man wey everybody go dey pray for, she talk say him dey always make her  feel say na she fine pass for this world and she kom talk say dem both belong together and their two no go stop to dey fight until dem dey together

Tori talk say CJ wey dey six years younger than Angela oldest grandchild na the third husband wey she go get and she kom talk say after wey dem don finish their wedding she no fit just leave C J but dem no allow am enter obodo oyibo and she don go collect lawyer wey go help her fight the matter or maybe na student visa him go later use; she talk say when she tell her son about her relationship with CJ, the son no dey happy but after wey him go check the guy Facebook him kom see say no be that kind person

The woman talk say after their wedding she don kom visit CJ for naija two times and na 2016 and 2017; she kom talk say she pray make dem allow am next year

see thier pictures for down

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