24 Aug 2017

Herdsmen Rape One 72-Years-Old Woman For Ondo State

This na wickedness o ! Fulani herdsmen rape one  72-years-old-woman wey be madam victoria on top her farm for Ore Odigbo Local Government wey dey Ondo State

The woman talk say she dey work on top her farm that day when she see the two Fulani herdsmen and before she go even question dem na so dey  grab her, tear her cloth kom start to dey rape her; she talk dem tell her make she no make noise and if she make noise dem go kill her and as dem  finish their bad thing, dem kom leave her with injury for her body

Tori talk say when the (OSYC) wey be Ondo State Youth Coalition hear the matter dem kom go Ondo State Capital wey be Akure together with farmers to go protest for the matter; dem talk say if government no do anything fast fast say dem go jugde the matter by their self

The youth coordinator wey be Oluwatuyi Adekanmbi talk say no be only rape those people dey always rape women  say dem even dey destroy their farms , kill and kidnap farmers for their farm land; he follow talk say dem don kill one farmer before wey him name na Orimisan Omowole  and after dem don kill  am finish dem comot him heart put am for him chest; him  talk  say no be  say dem dey against make dem dey rear cattle but make dem no spoil their farm and make dem no use their crops take feed  their cattle


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