24 Aug 2017

Emeka Ojukwu Talk Say Him No Dey In Support Of Biafra

Tori carry am say the late Igbo leader, Dim Odunmegwu Ojukwu  son wey him name na Emeka Ojukwu (junior) talk say na true him father  and oga presido meet and him father talk say him  no want make Nigeria scatter

Him talk say him father don tell am about wetin him and oga presido talk before him die; Ojukwu kom  say him no dey in support of Biafra, as some pro-Biafra group don talk for social media; when dem ask am him talk say him no do any interview with any media say him no even post  anything on top social media concerning the matter say na lie oga presido dey lie say him and his father discuss Nigeria matter

Tori talk say Emeka beg every body wey dey we country say make dem no believe all the messages wey some people wey him no know dey talk say him talk o; say him no go ever talk anything wey no right about we country say he wan make people know say na true oga presido follow him papa talk about the peace and unity of Nigeria and him papa tell am before him die about everything wey dem talk

Tori follow talk say Emeka warn all the people wey dey do that kind thing say make dem stop am and anytime wey that kind thing happen again  him go take necessary action on the matter


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