28 Aug 2017

Kenya Don Ban Polythene Bags

Tori carry am say  dem don ban the use of plastic bags (polythene bag)  wey dem dey take carry things for obodo oyibo Kenya  as dem talk say any body wey dem see  dey sell or make the plastic bag go pay $38,000 or go prison for 4 years

Tori talk say animals dey always chop the bags and the United Nations’ Environment programme talk say dem dey always comot many polythene bags out of the livestock wey dey the area wey dem dey call Nairobi’s abattoirs say at times dem dey even comot up to 20 polythene bags from cow wey don chop am and this fit cause make beef get plastic contamination inside

Dem talk say even the bags wey breeze don carry inside ocean sef dey always kill turtles, suffocate seabird and even dolphin sef and whales dey feed on top am until dem go kom die on top starvation’ say if dem continue like that by 2050 na plastic bags go full in side water indtead of fish

Tori even talk say no be only Kenya make that  kind law say even Rwandea, Mauritania and Eritrea sef do the same thing


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