29 Aug 2017

Health Yarn: Reasons why E good make you dey Exercise Everytime

Exercise na the physical tin wey dey make body dey strong and kajad, Exercise na something wey go balance your physical fitness, mental health and general health put together.

Exercise go help you maintain your healthy weight, e go regulate your digestive health, e go build and maintain your healthy bone density, Muscle strength and joint mobility, E go also promote your phsycological well-being dat one mean say the way you go take dey relate with people, E go reduce your surgical risk and e go strengthen your Immune system. E go help you fight some yamayama disease and we get different types of exercise.


Types of Exercise

We get four kind of exercise and all of dem dey very good for their own work ontop our body, but all of dem put together go help your body more and stop some kind injury from you. Dis four na:

  • Aerobic
  • Balance
  • Flexibility and
  • Strength Exercise



Plenty Reason why he good make you dey exercise very well be say:

  1. E dey help builds Inteligence
  2. E go help you Sleep well well
  3. E dey help lower anxiety
  4. E dey help stop cold
  5. E no go make u dull at all
  6. E go help you live longer
  7. E dey help boosts confidence
  8. E go help improve your sex life
  9. E dey help build your muscle
  10. E go help you get better correct posture
  11. E go help make your breathing better
  12. E go help reduce stress

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