29 Aug 2017

Olori Wuraola Don Betray The Trust Of Hospice Organisation

Tori carry am say  olori wuraola don betray the trust of the hospice organization when she put the pictures wey dem don agrre say make she no post on top social media for  social media

Tori talk say Olori no tell anybody say she dey go the organization wey the name na Hearts of Gold Hospice for Marsha Surulere;  when she reach there  she talk say she won see one Mrs. Laja Adedoyin, dem tell her say the woman wey she won see no well  since two weeks but she talk say na the woman she want make she attend to her; the woman kom see  her and both of dem kom dey go round to see the children

Tori talk say Olori Wuraola no give dem any cheque or money as she bin talk ,she just promise say she go send the cheque later for the week and when she won comot for the place dem kom make agreement say make  the pictures wey she take inside the place no go on top social media

But after  some days wey she leave na so the pictures take dey social media but when the woman wey be Mrs. Adedoyin see the pictures she dey really shock; As she call Olori Wuraola say how the pictures take dey social media after their agreement , the Olori talk say she intentionally post the pictures because na for the good of the organisation





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