29 Aug 2017

Police Beat Woman With Cane Because Say She Tattoo Her Body

Tori carry am say one lady wey her na Chioma Pius put am for her Facebook say police officers dem beat her with cane, harass her, hit gun on top her leg all because say she draw tattoos for her body and even after wey she don respect them answer everything wey them dey ask her

See wetin she write say happen to her

Today was a horrible day. I experienced the worst day in my life. Today I was brutalized by police officers. This happened at emohua axis of river state. At the highway leading to bayelsa. My crime was that I tattooed my body In this modern age.

A police officer asked me to step down from the taxi I was traveling with from bayelsa to portharcourt. I asked to know why and he asked again so I got out of the car and then he asked to know who I was and what I did . I gladly introduced my self .after which i had a big smile on my face and my phone rang but I couldn’t answer and then he said I should I identify myself to his superior which i found funny and I was just looking at the guy when he said I should get detained. That I don’t have manners and that am a cultist , prostitute, armrobber, there is no disgusting name this men didn’t call me and all this time I was just laughing and telling them am not entering their mobile cell.they seized my phone’s so I couldn’t record them.

They searched my purse And when they couldn’t find any money they got more angry And said that I don’t even have money And am showing myself And before I know if one of the officers grabbed me by my trousers and pushed me to the van and the other guy slapped me and punched me repeatedly . I was asking why they are beating me up and their boss used his gun to hit me on my thighs.went away came back with cane And was flogging me And calling me names . And pushed me into their cell. During the struggle i lost my ring and while this was happening they were collecting money from highway drivers and letting them through without searching them.

This guys are animals . They touched the wrong one .They will not go unpunished. They sent away my taxi driver. Passer by were watching it couldn’t do anything. I will not be humiliated for no reason. this police officers are not here to protect us but only to hurt innocent ones but its enough what’s wrong with one tattooing their body.


This one mean say, as she bin dey travel go Bayelsa for along Emohua axis  of rivers state na there police officers stop the taxi wey she dey and kom talk say make she come down from the car; as she kom dey wonder wetin happen ,the police kom tell am say why she go put tattoo for her body dem kom ask her wetin she dey do , she tell them everything  wey she dey do but the police officer no still gree ;dem collect her pulse check but as dem no see money inside na so  dem kom vex talk say make she enter their mobile cell  but she refuse say she no go ever enter

Na so the police officer grab her trouser push her inside the bus, collect her phone so that she no go fit call or video dem; she talk as other vehicles dey pass dem dey stop dem collect money from their hand ,say dem no search dem at all; she talk say the police people even call her names say she be cultist, arm robber  all because say dem no see money collect; she talk say wetin dey wrong with say person put tattoo for her body for this 21st century, she say the police dem no go escape wetin dem do

Na wa o, wetin make we call this one nau, abi na new law again? Wey police go dey carry cane beat people on to say dem no see something collect


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