30 Aug 2017

Fashion Yarn: Printastic! O’milua Don Release Capsule Collection She Call Am ‘Sisi Yemi”

Dis Ogbonge WomenWear Designer O’milua don release another Capsule Collection, she call am say “Sisi Yemi”


Sisi Yemi no bi just ordinary geh, shi be dis young omoge wey dey Adventurous, Confident and na geh wey always believe say good good new tinz go dey happen for her for life.

Shi don put her mind say she go live her life the way she reason am for her mind, she no go follow wetin pipu want but wetin she want, so she dey tek her life jeje and she dey always thank God for the good tinz wey dey kom herside no matter how small e be.


We gbadu how all dis different prints kom together for their different piece kom blend.


See their Foto for down.


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