30 Aug 2017

Health Yarn: Wetin different Color of Piss tok about ya Body


Ya piss colour fit let u know if somtin dey wrong with ya body

We all sabi say anytime wey we go hospital to check whether our body dey wella or not, Doctor dey always check our blood or Piss, infact e don tey wey e be say dem dey use the color of our piss to check whether body dey wella or not. The main tins wey dem dey normally check na Color, Smell, Density and na dis one go confirm whether u get anytin wey dey disturb ya body. So for dis Tori I go let wuna know the main tin wey the different color of piss dey tok about ya body.


Immediately anytin happen with ya body, ya piss go quickly change im color, e fit be no color at all, light color or some kind color wey u self no go understand with ya eye.


But see Wetin piss color tok about any problem for body down here:

#1. No Colour (Transparent)

If u notice say ya piss no get any color, dat one mean say u dey drink too much water and wetin u need to do na reduce as u dey drink water.


#2. Transparent Yellow

If u notice say ya piss color dey somehow transparent yellow, u no need worri bcos dat fit mean say ya body dey wella.


#3. Pale Straw Color

Dis color mean say u dey maintain ya body wellu wellu, and u dey tek water wella., so u no need to worri at all.


#4. Dark Yellow

If u notice say ya piss color dey somehow dark yellow, u still no need worri bcos dat fit mean say ya body dey good. But u need dey drink more water to maintain ya body wella.


#5. Orange

Dis kind color fit kom mean plenty tinz o like food poison, Liver or Bile Duct or just say u no get water for body.


#6. Amber or Honey

If the color of ya piss kom turn like honey, dat one mean say ya body quickly need water or anytin like water and the reason why u need to quickly tek water na bcos the water wey dey ya body don dey finish.


#7. Syrup or Brown Ale

Dis type color of piss mean say u get palava with ya Liver, e fit mean say u get Liver disease or the water for ya body self don finish.


#8. Pink to Reddish

Incase u kom notice say ya piss color dey like pink or like Red, dat one fit mean say u get blood for ya piss. And dat one fit also mean say u get kidney disease, Urinary Tract Infections, Lead, Mercury Poisoning, Prostate problems, Tumors or Different tin.

For dis kind matter u need to mek sure say u go see ya doctor.


#9. Blue or Green

Incase u kom get any blue or green color of piss, dat one fit be signal of genetic disease. E fit also be Urinary Tract infections, but anyhow e get some time wey e go be say na bcos of somtin wey u eat or medicine wey tek. But if d color kom remain like dat tey, make u go see ya doctor.


#10. Foaming or Fizzy

but if ya piss kom be like foam, I mean  like somtin wey dem put omo, and e tey small, dat one fit mean say na too much protein plenty for ya body or kidney palava, so mek u sharply go see ya doctor.




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