30 Aug 2017

One Man Kill Him Friend Wey Teach Am How To Dey Smoke

One Indian man for obodo Oyibo get throat cancer and him kom go  kill him frend wey introduce am to smoking when doctor tell am say na smooking cause am

Tori talk say, the man name na Mustakeem Ahmad and him talk say him  buy gun wey him dey use  practice to make sure say him kill the friend wey dey work for one restaurant like dat; say the friend name na Inayat  and dem bin dey work there together and the frined dey good for him job and that one kom make the owner of the place like am pass the rest of  workers

Tori talk say Ahmad just start to dey smoke cigarettes and marijuana because say him frined sef dey do am, na so him take get throat cancer wey him friend no get; Ahmad kom start to dey blame him friend for him cancer and him don try say make dem even sack am from work but e no work

Tori Say as dem kom see say Ahmad dey plan  bad thing the owner of the restaurants  sack am; him go him village to buy gun as him go the restaurants start to dey argue with him friend, na the middle of the argument him carry gun shoot him friend ; as dem dey carry the friend go hospital ,him die because say the injury many; police don arrest am and him don dey their custody

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