31 Aug 2017

Dbanj Reply Him Fan Wey Tell Am Say Make Him Stop Him Music Career With Vexation

The popular Nigerian singer Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo wey dem dey call Dbanj don reply with vexation to wetin one of him fan talk say make him stop him music career

Tori talk say Dbanj just drop him album wey the title na ‘ King Don Come’ kom celebrate for him page when him get over one million views on one of him videos within just 4 days ; him fans praise am well well although no be all of dem parise am

But when one of him fan kom post for him page insult am say make him stop him music career, him kom reply to the post with anger

See wetin him take reply

“You clearly have NO idea what I am about, what and my movement are about, yet you feel the need to air an unsolicited opinion. So keep quiet son

“Educate yourself with facts before you stray to my page and exhibit your pile ineptitude. I am not as thirsty as you to impose my thoughts on others

“Maybe one day when you finally become that ‘great king’ you hope to be, I would pay for your counsel if it comes with wisdom and well sought knowledge.”

“But till then my brother take several seats back and crawl into your whole. YOU ARE SAYING ‘TRASH!!!’” he said.

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