31 Aug 2017

Police Don Arrest One Suya Seller When Him Dey Try Kill One Four Years Old Girl

Lagos state police command don arrest one man wey dey sell suya wey him name na Abdullahi  wey dem  catch when him dey try slaughter one four years old girl

Tori talk ay Abdullahi abduct the girl when she dey play with her friend  and as him dey try kill the girl, she shout and na her shout make one person wey dey pass rush go the direction; when the suya seller dey try  run him kill one person wey dey try stop am

The state commissioner  wey him name na Mr Fatai Owoseni talk say na one Samaritan kom later rescue the girl finally from the suya seller hand ; him talk say police don arrest the guy already and say dem don dey investigate matter say the matter na that of kidnap and attempted murder



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