05 Sep 2017

Fashion Yarn: Marobuk debuts Im first-ever fashion collection name am Royalty featuring Tana Adelana and Debie Rise

Marobuk dey showcase the natural quality wey all women get for dis im style wey get im own different level.

Dis style dey also tell us about the type of perfection and correct ogbonge woman wey we dey yarn about.

For dis im collection, na Tana Adelana wey be Nollywood actress and Debby Rise wey been dey Big Brother Naija im use as the models dem. And dem dey represent the beauty of the Royal Woman of Nigeria. Na  so the designer tok am as im don ready to bring worldclass luxury, style and elegance whether na work, brunch, and also correct wedding guest wear.


See the Fotos for down.



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