05 Sep 2017

Man Die On Top Say Him Won Marry One Fulani Girl

Tori carry am say one man wey him na Yari Inusa die on top the beating wey dem beat am as him and one person dey try compete on top who go marry one lady wey be Fulani

Tori talk say the man  get many injuries for him head after him opponent hit am; as him start the Fulani game wey dem dey call Sharo with another man wey him name na Ahmed Saidu to know who go fit marry the lady;  the thing happen for Dumin Biri Vilage for Kafur Local Government Area Katsina

According to dem tradition na two men wey like to marry the Fulani girl go come beat them selves because of the woman before dem go fit marry her;say any person wey kom win na him go marry the girl,

Tori talk say Inusa don bin flog Saidu and anything no happen but when Saidu turn reach to beat Inusa na so him hit am for head when the tradition talk say na for the back dem go beat the person ; say Saidu hit Inusa for head na so him fall die; dem carry the matter go katsina police station and police people don take charge of the matter


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