06 Sep 2017

Fashion Yarn: Lux Beauty Soap & MAJU Presents “Lux By MAJU” Collection

Lux, we ogbonge beauty soap brand from Unilever Nigeria Plc,don  put head together with dis renowned fast rising fashion brand MAJU create the Lux by MAJU collection.


Dis summer collection, wey dem designed for Lux by MAJU, dey inspired by five variants of Lux beauty soap range. Any Lux variant represents im own different persinality wey dey highlighted for thier style, texture, cut and fit of each piece for the collection, dis inspiration na from the elements, weather and lifestyle of modern women.


Lux and MAJU join head together mainly bcos to encouraging women all over to cultivate a lifestyle of confidence, where they look and feel good for their own skins and for their clothes too! And e goalso further bridge the gap between the beauty and fashion industry for better creative and innovative way.


See Fotos for down hee…


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