07 Sep 2017

Wow! Make Una See The Woman Wey Get The Longest Fingernails In The World

You fit achieve anything wey you wan achieve for this world if you dey determine, One woman for obodo  Oyibo Texas don enter the World’s book of record for the World’s longest fingernails,her nails wey dey more than 18 feet long

The woman name na Ayanna Williams and she talk say she don spend all her life to make sure say the finger grow ,say the thing take her pass 23 years; say na one of her friends first give her the inspiration before she kom decide to continue

She talk say e no easy for her as she dey grow the nail, say at times sef she no dey fit wear her trousers because say to even paint am sef fit take her like 2 weeks becausesay the nails too long but she dey happy say her dream don come true; she talk say na anti-bacteria saop and nail brush she dey take clean am everyday and she dey always put hardener and acrylic too so that the nails go grow well

The woman  say the reason why she even apply for the record na because of her children; say she want make dem know say dem fit achieve anything wey dem wan accomplish with discipline, courage and patient; she talk say she dey honored and happy because she no ever think say she fit enter the World’s book of record

Ayanna Williams – Longest Fingernails
Guinness World Records 2017
Photo Credit: Kevin Scott Ramos/Guinness World Records

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