08 Sep 2017

One Person Die When Two OPC Group Fight For Ibadan

Tori carry am say two group of Yoruba militia group ,Oodua People Congress (OPC) wey  Otunba Gani Adams dey head and the other one wey be OPC New Era get clash for the Lekan Salami Stadium,  Adamasingba wey dey Ibadan

Dem talk say part of the member wey dey among the New Era group wey hin name na Mr. Adesina  Aki npelu dey seriously injured and some other people too, say the fight start for Lekan Salami Stadium where dem bin do Yoruba Leaders Meeting wey dem title “ Yoruba Standpoint on Restructuring”; say after the fight dey calm dem quickly rush the people wey dey injure go hospital

Tori say, na the DPO wey dey in charge of Mokola Police Station and other security agents make sure say the fight end ; dem talk say dem even shoot one person die, say one person even pretend as if say him don die so that make the opposite party no shoot am; say some of the OPC people come from Lagos while some come from Ibadan

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