11 Sep 2017

Na “Runs Girls” Dey Get Good Guys And Most Descent Girls Dey Get Guys Wey No Deserve Dem: Joro Olumofin

This matter fit be true? One psychologist wey him name na Joro Olumofin talk say na all those girls wey dey do runs and the ones wey don do runs before dey always  get better and responsible men and those girls wey dey descent and dey keep their self, na dem dey get average men and men wey no even deserve them

Him talk say the reason why him talk like dat na because runs girls don learn about how dem go satisfy man with sex and how to take care of their body well well because na the only way wey dem fit get money be that; say descent girls spend to much time on top say dem dey equip them selves educationally and dem no dey get time or think of how dem go fit please any man

say descent girls ego dey high on top say dem no need any man money and their terms and conditions sef too much and men go just choose runs girl wey no go give dem wahala, leave descent girl wey her terms and conditions too much

Una belive am ?


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