13 Sep 2017

Corp Member Wey Just Marry Escape Death As Movie Producer Wey Wan Give Her Role To Play Wan kill Her

Tori carry am say one Mrs Patient Bula wey dey serve for Radio Benue as corp member escape from one man wey almost kill her on to say he wan give her  role to perform for the movie wey him wan shoot

Tori say na her friend wey she sef be corp member invite her after CDS say make dem  go the movie audition together so that  patient to go fit take part for the movie; the friend introduce her to one man wey him name na Adams Marvin, she get one role for the movie and dem give her the script wey she go follow

Adams kom call her one day say make she  meet am and other actor for Hope Clinic, Wadata; him tell her say the production team need to reduce the cost and dem wan remove some actors and some go stay; say make patient come meet dem so that her name dem no go remove her name; as patient reach the place, she no meet any body except marvis but  tell her say other artists dey wait for one house wey dey down the street

Tori talk say say she  go inside with am and  him kom try to strangle her with stick but as she dey try struggle with am to free herself , Adams use the stick hit her for neck, chest, back and front until she no kom dey conscious again. When she kom wake, she see say foam dey her mouth and Marvin no dey there again

She manage craw to the corridor, na there people see her, help her call her husband and dem kom even see say the wicked man don off the phone so that people no go fit call her

Tori talk say police people don arrest the  man and him don dey their custody

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