13 Sep 2017

Fashion Yarn:The 11th Commandment by theladyvhodka.

Thou shall not dey tu Basic “- The 11th Commandment


na 10 commandment but  the 11th one dey apply tu fashion and how we tek style our clothes, just dey different how you look, dey creative and look fun make am worthwhile for people wey see you.



if u dey just like everybody else for street, e dey boring for me, and dat one mean sey u no dey obey the commandiment, after all we all dey different, dem create us differently with different physic, look and vibe so look like one.



For people wey dey inside fashion, and dey look different everyday na the joy they derive, as dem look like the vibe weyy dem get, energy no dey lie so  mek u  trust the vibe wey u get. For Jennifer Oseh “theladyvhodka” she love tu dey obey the 11th commandment because na one easy and fun commandment to obey.


“My alone feels so good
I go only tek u 
if u dey sweeter than my solitude “- Warsan Shire 


Why be rice and stew when u fit be Piping Hot PARTY JOLLOF


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