13 Sep 2017

Wetin Man Fit Woman Sef Fit Do Am Better; Make Una See The First Female President For Obodo Oyibo Singapore

tori carry am say the former speaker of parliament wey her name na halimah yacob don become the number eighth president for obodo oyibo Singapore after the election wey no body contest with her

tori talk say yacob na 63 na the only candidate wey fit to run for the country’s elections department after dem the other two contenders wey be salleh marican and farid khan no dey qualify

yacob don break the record as the first woman wey go occupy president’s office and obodo oyibo Singapore first malay president for 47 years; she kom talk for the speech wey she give

na the speech be this

“Although this is a reserved election, I’m not a reserved president.

“I am a president for everyone, regardless of race, language, religion or creed.

“A proud moment for Singapore, for multiculturalism and multi-racialism.”

Tori say na on Thursday dem go sworn the president into her office





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