15 Sep 2017

Tori: Nigeria Army say Operation Python dance go continue for south-east Nigeria.

Di Nigeria Army don talk say dem no dey commot soldiers for di south-east states of di country.

Army talk dis one afta tori full everywhere as governor of Abia State, south-east Nigeria, Okezie Ikpeazu, talk say Army go comot for streets of di state on Friday.

Director, Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Sani Usman, say Army go mek sure say EGWU EKE II (Python Dance) for Abia State and other south-east states come to “logical completion.”

Im say di statement wey people say di governor tolk, say dat one no bi as governor Ikpeazu take talk am.

Im say wetin di governor tolk for im speech bi say “dem go take small small (gradually) remove soldiers from di streets of Aba and Umuahia from tomorrow”.

Im add say mek people no mistake dat one tu mean say soldiers dey comot.

Di governor of Abia State bin do meeting with tori people on Thursday, wia im talk say Army go begin leave di streets by Friday morning.

“I wan inform say by tomorrow (Friday) morning there will bi withdrawal of soldiers from di streets at Aba and Umuahia apart from di pre-existing military checkpoints at several locations in di state.”

E be like say wetin dey miss for wetin di governor tolk and wetin di Army tolk na di word “small small or (gradually for English)”.

Di governor no use “gradually” for im speech, but statement wey Army release say im use “gradual withdrawal”


Confusion everywhere

All dis one don add tu di confusion wey full ground about wetin dey happen for Port Harcourt, Aba and Umuahia for south-south and south-east, Nigeria.

Local tori say some people burn one police station for Ariaria, Aba. Tori quote Abia State Police Public Relations Officer, Geoffrey Ogbonna wey confirm say e happen and say one policeman also wound for di attack.

Tori say security people shoot three people for Aka Library Avenue on Thursday for Umuahia.

IPOB, follow join, as dem claim say ‘hundreds of youths’ for Abia and Rivers states dey miss, and say dem fit don die as Army dey do dia thing for south-east.

As IPOB dey talk, brother of di leader of Nnamdi Kanu say Army enter dia compound for Umuahia and kill up to 22 people for there

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