18 Sep 2017

Fashion Yarn: JZO Don releases Wet 2017 Collection “Tokunbo” for Men.

JZO wey bi designer for men, just throw us im campaign cum lookbook for Wet 2017 and na mix and mash of post-war emotions.


Ontop dis wet 2017 collection wey im call Tokunbo, the brand get im inspiration from East Asian Marshall themes.


The name Tokunbo, mean say tu  translates from across the seas for  Yoruba Language,  e describe the creative process wey cover  collection,na all the elements wey dem put together tek arrange  the JZO brand.


See the Fotos for down.


Foto Credits:
Brand: JZO Menswear | @Jzo_ng
Photography: Kadara Enyeasi | @enyeasi.k
Creative Direction and Styling: Oluwatosin Ogundadegbe | @thestyleinfidel
Assistant Stylist: Tomiwa | @Vainblackboy, Mason | @theblitheman
Model: David | @thefrenchman__ for @fowlermdels

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