18 Sep 2017

Police People Don Stop The Fight Wey Start For Inside Lagos

Tori carry am say the son of Sarki Hausawa of Okokomaiko wey him name na Bashiru Ahmed accuse one suya man say he  dey use am laugh but that one talk say na person wey fall inside gutter him dey laugh

Tori talk say Bashiru with him gang dem pour the suya man meat for ground kom leave the place; as the suya man and some people go  Bashiru father palace to go complain the man talk say him go give the suya man him money but him talk say him no want any money: the following day two people pursue the suya man reach one makert side shoot am die

The friend of the suya man pursue and kill one person wey dem know say na Bashiru friend and  dem even go burn Sarki palace

Tori talk say as police people reach the place dem arrest Bashiru Ahmed as him get some thing to do with the murder of the suya man  and dem even stop the fight wey don already start for the area


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