22 Sep 2017

Health Yarn: Camera flash for selfie fit cause epileptic seizure.

Selfie don become common like how pictures bi, but experts don warn sey di innocent practice fit cause epileptic seizure exposure for some pipu.

For one case, one teenager wey dey take selfie get seixure-like spike for her brain activity afta she snap bright photo of herself.

Canadian doctors determine sey she likely get photo-sensitivity response tu these types of photos and e fit be why she get the seizures.

Di recent case study show say pipu with photo-sensitivity epilepsy fit get seizures wey bright flash light dey cause, and dem dey call dat one phenomenon ‘selfie-epilepsy’.

Dis na di later allegation against selfies. Before before, experts talk sey those kain selfies fit cause wrinkles bcos of di phone radiation and self-image issues.

Pediatric doctors put di report together for Dalhousie University for Canada and dem publish am for dimedical journal seizure.

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