Labour market for 20th century don come to show say academic qualifications no be the only important requirement wey employers dey rummage around for job seekers.

Na di reason why consulting firm like Luster Consulting Limited don come out for this episode of Gudu Morning Naija Show, to train and equip entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals with di informate and skills wey dem need to plan their personal image and dem go become expert.

Enajite Oweibo, wey bi  Lead Consultant for Luster Consulting Limited talk say Harvard University recently discover say 90% of Job success get to do with soft skills, Enajite, add say “if you no get di right skills how you wan take relate with people to know about emotional and relationship problem”.

Di consultant say “Our Starting Young Initiative dey work with schools to provide skill development coaching in entrepreneurship, leadership, public speaking, etiquette, confidence building and mentoring”.

On top di same matter, Glory Oguegbu, wey be di CEO of Leadership Hub join bodi talk say e no easy to reject job seekers but most of dem no get wetin we wan wey go bring value to our company.

Glory add say “I no wan employ person wey go bring my business down na why we dey advocate for people to carry skill join wetin dem learn for school”. Watch this video to ginger wella. 

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