Dr. Kelechi Okoro, Medical doctor, executive director Heal for African Initaive, and Sexual and reproductive Health Right Advocate.

The N.G.O heal for Africa initiative na ”pay attention to her project”, dis pipo na women mata dem dey do as per their health issues and human right. Dis their first project na to create Menstrual Awareness and di knowledge to sabi menstrual circle.

Dem don talk say dirty and bad hygiene dey cause virginal infections, because e dey start from the down end of di virginal and come spread until e reach di top, before e go come enter the belle wey fit cause wahala for woman to fit born.

Virginal hygiene dey self cleansing, na just to wash di outside with clean water and soap wey no get perfume, because say if e get bad smell na from inside e go bi.

For cases of sexual harassment make you no close mouth, find medical doctor to report di mata, so that dem fit check you well and give you better treatment but na general hospital good. And also make you enter police station report to officers.








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