Di founder of Bounties Honey Ogochukwu Nwachukwu wey com follow us talk on di beta tin wey honey dey do for bodi instead of to dey drink soda drinks.

Ogochukwu talk as she start di honey business, wen she bin dey school she dey like drink coffee na so she come change again to sprite drink, from there she notice say her bodi dey heavy all di sugar wey she don drink no dey break down so she come dey wella.

As she meet doctor wey tell am say make she dey write down wetin she dey put for mouth everyday make dem fit know wetin dey worry her, the result show say di soda don drink too much for bodi and say she go need change her diet and stop to drink soda or acritical drink wey get sugar.

During her research na im she know say 3 people for her family get cancer for bodi, though direct link no dey from sugar to cancer but sugar na part of am.

Pain na indication say something dey do you, make you no just carry pain killer drink, find out the source of di pain. Cancer, diabetes and obesity na problems wey dey affect pipo today, but natural honey fit help.

Taking honey fit help reduce diabetes and to catch cancer, e good for anti-biotics, e dey help for digestion and to clean face. To know original honey you go pour water for glass add honey inside, and if it sink without scatter den na original.





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