30 Aug 2017

Fashion Yarn: See 4 Correct Styles wey U fit Braid Ya Natural Hair.

Pipu wey know better tin sabi say Natural hair braid dey always look fine for we ladies dem, whether na Bantu knots or Swirty Snake braids, natural hair dey always dey fine for braids.

Trust me if u nack ya braid well, Pipu go always dey trip and na so dem dey ask u about am but incase u dey wonder how or which style u go do wey go bring out ya natural beauty we God give u.

I get some correct styles wey dis correct babe wey sabi too much ontop braid matter give us, her name na Stash Harris wey dey do her tin for Magic Fingers Studio.


#1. Beautiful Bantu Knots



#2. Braided Space Buns


#3. Swirly Snake Braids


#4. Embellished Box Braids



Hair: Stasha Harris

Art: Sade Adeyina

Models: Alysia Bebel, Diandra Barnwell, Tan Brown, Maya Allen

Photo: Ruben Chamorro

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